NTN Japan Tensioner Pulley NEP52015B2G1


NEP52015B2 NTN Japan Idler

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NEP52015B2G1 NTN Japan Idler for Mazda, Ford, KIA, Hyundai
Made in Japan.

Brand: NTN
Vehicle: KIA CARENS 09-06/MENTOR 94-04/RIO 00-05/SHUMA 99-04/MAZDA 323 85-00/XEDOS 91-99

  • Mazda 323, BA, BJ, BJ143, BJ14F, BJ14L, BJ14M5, BJ14P, BJ14R, BJ14S
  • Mazda 323F, BA
  • Mazda Autozam AZ-3, EC5S, EC5SA, EC8S, ECPSA
  • Mazda Eunos Cosmo, EC5S, EC5SA, EC8S, JC3SE, JCES, JCESE
  • Mazda Eunos Presso, EC8SE, ECPSA
  • Mazda Familia, BF3P, BF5P, BF5R, BFMR, BG3P, BHA3P, BHA3S, BHA5P, BHA5S, BHA6R, BHA7P, BHA7R, BHA8P, BHA8S, BHALP, BHALS, BJ3P, BJ5P, BJ5W, BJ8W, BJEP, BJFP, BJFW, YR46U15, YR46U35, ZR16U65, ZR16U85, ZR16UX5
  • Mazda Lantis, CBA8P, CBAEP
  • Mazda MX-3, EC
  • Mazda MX-5, NA, NA8C, NB, NB6C
  • Mazda Roadster, NA8C, NB6C, NB8C
  • Mazda Training Car, BHA7P, BHALP, BJ5P
  • Mazda Xedos 6, CA

Manufacturer Part Number: NEP52015B2G1
Interchange Part Number: PB3019,EB300577, T42005, 0N070, 17494, 532006820, 2288SPOR, KABP002, 57003, VKM84201, 0340050SX, 0K93812730, 10095, 248102X700, 4503306, 83030008, ADM57614, ATB2097, B66012730C, CM0825, DT84201, FE1H12*730A, GT20060, J1143012, NEP52015B2, PT84201, R32102, ST0K93312730, 5320068200, F124050, VKMS94610, 0K93312730, 0K93712700A, 0K93712730, 150551,651556, 68003, 864650204, ADG07328, ADM57301, B66012730, B66012730A, B66012730B, B66012730C, BE306, CR5045


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