Hyundai Kia 2.7L 2.5L GATES Tensioner Pulley: T38149


GATES Tensioner Pulley: T38149

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HYUNDAICoupe2.7 -/CVVT 24V03/02-12/08GKG6BA / G6BAG
HYUNDAICoupe2.7 CVVT 24V01/07-08/09GKG6BA
HYUNDAIGrandeur2.5 24V12/98-05/05XGG6AV
HYUNDAIHighway Van2.7 CVVT 24V03/00-03/04KMJMFF7CG6BA
HYUNDAISanta Fe2.7 24V08/00-03/06SMG6BA
HYUNDAISanta Fe2.7 24V03/01-12/05SM8G6EAY
HYUNDAISonata2.5 24V06/98-12/01EFG6BV
HYUNDAISonata2.7 -/CVVT 24V06/01-12/05EFG6BA
HYUNDAISonica2.5 24V06/98-05/01EFG6DV
HYUNDAISonica2.7 24V06/01-04/05EFG6BA
HYUNDAITiburon2.7 CVVT 24V02/02-12/08GKG6BA
HYUNDAITiburon2.7 CVVT 24V01/03-12/08GKG6BA
HYUNDAITrajet2.7 24V02/00-07/08KMDMG8A / KMJMFF7CG6BA
HYUNDAITucson2.7 CVVT 24V08/04-03/10JMG6BA
HYUNDAITuscani2.7 -/CVVT 24V06/01-12/08GKG6BA / G6BAG
HYUNDAIXG2502.5 24V06/99-09/03XGG6AV
HYUNDAIXG2502.5 24V10/03-09/05XGG6AV
KIAMagentis2.5 24V05/01-09/05GDG6BV
KIAOptima2.5 24V01/01-09/05MSG6BV
KIASportage2.7 CVVT 24V07/04-05/10KMG6BA
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