Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You must be lost because no one ever reads this page.

By visiting our website you are agreeing to:
Let us use data collection techniques to know more about you than you do of yourself. We need this information to sell you crap you don’t need.
Not turn off your cookies, use incognito mode or do anything else that stops us from tracking your every move and annoying you with annoying pop ads everywhere you go online.
Never ever sue us – ever. Especially when it’s our fault.
Open and click on every single spammy email we send whether or not we send them 10 times a day.
Volunteer for any medical experiments we conduct (apparently Apple has this clause too).
Let us change the terms and conditions at any time to undermine what you agreed to previously.

Now that I have removed any shred of credibility, let’s be more serious.
We take privacy seriously and will do our best to treat your info the way it should be. Our developers are crazy paranoid about being hacked. It makes our lives hard but it’s so no one can get in. Of course, it is only fair send you an email in the very unlikely event data is compromised.
We don’t keep financial data like Credit Cards on our system. That’s PayPal’s problem.
We will keep information obtained during checkout such as names, emails and addresses.
By using the site, you are agreeing to let us keep any information you volunteer and put our cookie on your browser. Ever wondered why ads follow you around? Pretty much any site you go into can see cookie info that contains where you have been online if it added a cookie to your browser.
We will use cookies which show you have been to our site,help navigate the site and what you have looked at. If so, this would be used to gently remind you to return and buy things. Please forgive us. We may end up getting third parties like Google Ads or Facebook to do this for us. If you are like us, just clear or turn off your cookies in your browser (although having to log in every time is a pain).
We may use your registered details to send you offers via email or other ways like social media. We promise not to bombard your inbox with pointless trash. We may use reputable third parties with good privacy policies (not that we read them) to help us out.
We will never use or sell your info to third party spammers. We are pretty sure it is hard and long enough.
We agree to PayPal’s very strict policy regarding returns. If a part gets lost in the post, arrives damaged or simply doesn’t work, we will refund or replace it. However if it arrives perfect and is installed incorrectly, you can’t really blame us.
We act as agents and connect customers with our distributor.
We only supply quality OEM and Genuine parts. However don’t manufacture the parts and quality control, besides what is obvious to our suppliers is out of our hands. By making a purchase, you agree to indemnify us from all damages related to a part failure in the event that a part is manufactured incorrectly. Ultimately you would need to take it up with the manufacturer.
Please forgive us if we forgot something. We generally don’t like lawyers and definitely didn’t want to waste a few thousand on something no one ever reads anyway.